Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Early This Morning

Before I loaded the truck with plants to take down to the nursery in town, drove to the other side to look inside my air freight Big Box and see the actual interior dimensions and to buy real boxes and cardboard to pack my paintings, instead of dumpster diving for boxes, I looked out the window and the delicate flower of the Variegated Shell Ginger smiled back at me.

The flowers are quite nice, but short lived for a ginger. This plant is grown more for its green and yellow bold striped foliage.

Once I was outside with the camera in hand I took a morning stroll. The calathea insignis is in full full bloom. This is the small plant of the two in the garden.

The Zephyranthes grandiflora seems much less dependent on rain and blooms intermittently while it waits for rain to put on a really big show.

I know there are many more Daylilies in my future.

A large drift of the tetraploids sits at the entrance to my future driveway and needs to be saved before or when the bulldozers arrive. My mother can't bear the thought of their demise despite the fact that they have millions more. I will not be surprised if they are waiting for me, safely off to one side and needing to be tucked back into the ground, if only in a temporary home.


phrago said...

Hello Chris,
I am saddened by the thought of your wonderfull blog being dismanteled and wish to thank you for the beautiful photography and interesting perspective you have shared with us on this blog. I hope you will enjoy your new home and start a new blog when you have settled. Welcome back to the main land!
Good Luck and Best Wishes,

Annie in Austin said...

You may have crated the material goods, Christopher, but it looks like you've kept your artist's eye and gift for words unpacked and ready to use for the journey.

I'm looking forward to tales of millions of daylilies in Clyde.


bev said...

I echo phrago's words; hope this beats the unplugging deadline! What will be the name of your new blog? (see, I am already assuming you will start one)
Oh, and include in your NC plans, a deer fence. (: