Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's About Time

Sunset from My Window May 3rd 2007 6:45pm

One of The Views from My Window has finally made it onto Andrew Sullivan's blog if some what incredibly indirectly.

The World From Your Window is an interactive map of the world with the beginnings of the collection of the window views sent into Andrew by the readers of his blog. An intern of his set up the map and you can wander the world looking out of people's windows.

I would have linked to the original post announcing this new site, but Mr. Fancy Pants I have been blogging for seven years, archive links do not work. You can't get past his main page. Also I am not sure if his intern has a good grasp of geography. Several cities pictures are not where they should be on the map. Maybe the intern needs the room to get the pictures on the map and close is good enough. I was a little surprised to find Orlando in Palm Beach and Charleston in Columbia SC.

He did say it was a work in progress and it is a fun, interesting and nice thing of him to do. The zoom feature I found works much better by double clicking the mouse.

You will find "The View from My Window" out in the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii where it should be. Some of you may recognize it. There are a couple of pictures of Austin's ice storm too.

You would think maybe I am starving for attention?

Tonight's sunset was lovely. I have been cleaning house all day and it kicked up a lot of dust into the atmosphere. I swear I was afraid the house might fall down, that it was being held together by all the cobwebs, dust and hairballs and it might just come apart at the seams with all my cleaning, removing this biological glue.


Cheryl said...

Glad to hear it. That is a beautiful sunset.

Those dust bunnies and cob webs do build up fast. There's always something I would rather do than housework.

Annie in Austin said...

This sunset view is quite dramatic - looked at it and heard the chorus of 'Bali H'ai' inside my head.

Congratulations on being a part of this cool interactive map, Christopher. Last summer, your earlier photo and post influenced me [and I think a few other people] to copy your 'View' post just for fun. So it is about time our leader got on the map!

I noticed they used the later view from fall - after you had the hint about including the frame.

Good luck with the cobwebs - dusting triggers allergies around here - Austin pollen is less dangerous when 'glued'. If it's like that in Hawaii you might not want to inhale while cleaning. [not that you would, anyway]


Harold & Maude said...

Congratulations Christopher! Andrew's intern hasn't gotten my 'View' up yet, so you are way ahead of me. It is an interesting site. I sent in a bunch more and we'll see if any of them make it to the Big Map.


Pam said...

Charleston in Columbia! Of all the nerve... :)

What a wonderful sunset.

I'm with Annie, you might want to hang on to some of that 'biological glue'!