Sunday, May 13, 2007

Briefly Surfacing

From the dust and debris for an evening stroll through a shrinking garden. My sunset slice has shifted and now includes my Cocovane Weather Palm.

It is the best time to review what progress if any has been made for the day and to look at the little things that still give me pleasure. Something to soothe a wicked tired body and mind.

Something pretty in blue emerging.

This big red one accidentally fell out of a start I was digging and became two plants instead of one to sell.

Fresh green spring leaves. The newness just feels good.

Tiny yellow and brown popcorn orchids. Hidden treasures are being revealed.

A ship of floral dreams ready to unfurl and set sail.

Ay, there's the rub.
I need sleep now!
Perchance the next dream
will be sweeter
than last nights drama.

Interpreted as performance anxiety
when told.



Pam/Digging said...

Your mood about leaving seems more upbeat. I'm looking forward to seeing where your ship takes you. Bon voyage.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me for coming late to the party, but can you explain why you're making this move? Seems kind of drastic, but I am looking forward to reading about your new garden in NC.

Thanks, bev

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Bev, there are a lot of reasons that worked in synchronicity to tell me it was time to move on from Maui. The biggest and simplest one being an early inheritance of a large beautiful piece of land in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

What gardener in their out of gardening mind could pass up land to actually own?

mmw said...

I've been taking that exact Agapanthus picture in my head for about 2 weeks!

[I too look forward to your travails in a new garden.]

Anonymous said...


Wow, inheriting the land says it all! How many acres will be your new gardening playground?
Thanks for all the great Hawaii pictures.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

How much land I will get now depends on where we draw the back property line. I will push for a line further back in the 3 acre range. Dollar value amounts of the land, numerous siblings, the natural lay of the land and a slight fear on my parents part that they think I may not like living in the wilderness may keep it in the 2 and a 1/2 acre range.

I just tell them the apple don't fall too far from the tree, not to worry. They love it up there and I have no doubt that I will too.