Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Festival of the Trees # 11

Xris at Flatbush Gardener is the host this month for something new to me, the Festival of the Trees . This is a monthly Blog Carnival also a new idea to me. It is a bit like a meme, but without the tagging involved and acts more as a gathering place for like minded posts and like minded people.

I read the call for submissions late Sunday night, past the deadline, at least on East Coast time and Xris was kind enough to include me in this months Festival of the Trees. He chose something other than what I submitted so I am curious about that, but happy to be included.

Go spend a little time with the Trees.


Annie in Austin said...

Is the photo on today's post the one that was submitted? It's more dramatic than the pea palm, but maybe Xris liked the fruitfulness of the other tree.
I went to the festival and am still looking at various sites. Thanks for the link.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I took that picture last night well after dark to go with this post. I knew my Buttercup Tree would not disappoint me with a bad picture.

I submitted "The Hideous Plastic House". When Nalani moves her sporty blue Honda I can take another shot more in Xris' theme of Trees in Concrete. The tree has lifted and cracked an entire two car wide cement parking slab.

Alas I saw the powers that be with a tree trimmer on Sunday learing down at my garden from above. I have a feeling my Buttercup Tree is to be murdered now that I am leaving.

They will be amply rewarded in three months when the neighbor below me adds a second story and she has to figure out what to plant to hide him.

chuck b. said...

Shoot, I wish he'd included my pictures of the Camperdown elm.

I could host Carnival of Stoned Gardeners. I wonder if anyone would come.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Did you send Xris a picture of the Camperdown Elm to be included? Of course his theme was Trees in Concrete not pampered trees in Arboretums.

The Festival of Trees 12 is next month.

Xris said...

cc: I didn't include the plastic house - hideous though it was - because it wasn't a tree. Also, it was an older post. I was glad you sent something in, so I looked at your recent posts for something that included a tree, or tree-like: the palm, in this case.

chuck: I'm sorry I overlooked the post you sent in. Was it from your blog, or another? We also have a Camperdown Elm in Brooklyn, in Prospect Park, near the Boat House.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

But my Buttercup Tree was the co-star in the story of The Hideous Plastic House.

Oh well thanks for including me. I'll be sure to try and send a recent post in for the Festival 12 before I go.