Thursday, May 10, 2007

Festival of Stuff

Emperor Cri's
Terracotta Army of Maui gets a sentinel stuff.
Some pots were sold.
Some pots were added.
Equilibrium has been maintained.

Indoor stuff being sent outside.

Freshly weeded slightly piqued succulent stuff.

Big Bromeliads in Buckets stuff.

Discombobulated indoor stuff hoping to land in a shipping box.
We'll see.

Tiny lavender flowers on long skinny stems stuff.

Sigh. So much little stuff to go through just to get access to the big stuff.


Dawn said...

Your bromeliads look very healthy. Good luck sorting through your stuff. It's a never-ending job here.


Annie in Austin said...

We've done this twice in 8 years, and your photos are inducing moving flashbacks, Christopher. I also wish you good luck!

It was fun to see Verbena bonariensis in bloom on both our blogs - and you'll probably have it in North Carolina, too. Along with a whole new assortment of butterflies.