Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Beginning

To look a lot like.....

I don't wear shoes when I garden at home.

That I will have an exotic slippa tan for my cross country trek.

If they don't make me wear shoes on the mainland.

Do they make you?

That I have walked through a lot of biological ooze.

I could use a pedicure.

Or scrub harder when I shower.

It's beginning to look a lot like......

I should buy one new pair slippa before I go.


The County Clerk said...

You are killing me.

I'm not aware of a shoe ordinace... but then again I've never been in violation.


The County Clerk said...


Harold & Maude said...

I hope to emulate you in achieving the Badge of Slippahood, proudly acknowledging the stigmata of those who reside in paradise. Walk on! said...

Yea chris,
Shoes and shirts are standard fare. But Flip flops and sandels are very popular, except in the winter. You'll get used to it. So, are you going to show us any other tan lines? Phrago