Sunday, February 04, 2007

Got Bromeliads?

How does this stuff end up in my truck and come home with me? Can't I just say no to perfectly good plants and turn my back on them and walk away?

I was working today trying to finish up the last bits of the landscape install job with the Heiau. They were working in the older part of the garden doing some tidying up and pulled all these out of one bed. That is either a sign of what a good designer/gardener I am or proof of the prolific nature of the tropical jungle that can be created in the desert when you add water.

I think I will save a few for an upcoming job and sell the rest bareroot to the main nursery in town. Free money, how could I walk away from that?


The County Clerk said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL site. What a great photograph.

I'd love to have to a truck overflowing with plants.

(Honestly, it is magical stuff like this (and cairns and such) that keeps me coming back. A truck full of Bromeliads huh? FANTASTIC!)

chuck b. said...

You know what they say about big bromeliads...

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

They have really big inflorescences!

Hank, I think my truck full of plants has more do do with my vocation than my location. I can see the same thing happening in NC.