Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Desktop Image is the Future

Every time I turn my computer on or off
I see an image of my future.
This country road will take me home.
The entrance to my gravel driveway
will be three to four hundred feet
around the bend in the road
on the right hand side.

At the moment this road may be dusted with a covering of snow.
The trees are bare.
I bet it is cold.
Now is when the bones of my future garden
will need to be strong.


Pam/Digging said...

Aren't you lucky to be moving from one gorgeous place to another. I prefer the latter because it's the landscape of my childhood. I look forward to seeing what you create there.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Very lucky and fortunate!

Deviant Deziner said...

It just occured to me,
will your abode be coming up for rent ?
I've always wanted to live on a tropical island.

Your new location looks beautiful and I bet you will love having your own piece of paradise to nurture.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Yes my place will be for rent. It will come with garden remnants, strange works of stone and a hyper active and vocal little Border Collie dog as a neighbor. The vultures have begun to circle. It won't sit empty for long.

I was having visions today of a sunken stone patio with a firepit that will connect the cozy cottage and main house one day and look out over my sunny little valley of botanical delights.

I will love being In Control.

christin m p in massachusetts said...

I've been eyeing some beautiful (and incredibly affordable) pieces of land in the mountains in West Virginia at the Yahoo real estate site. With my luck some coal mining company would come and strip mine the mountain I'm living on and send coal slurry into my well water.

Well, at least I've still got my health (knock on wood).

Like my favorite little guy on the Gulliver's Travels cartoon always used to say,
It 'll never work -- We're doomed..."

Sorry -- I'll be on my way now, and I'll take my grey storm cloud with me.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I do not have to worry about coal mining, but the whole mountain, a very large piece of property on the left side of the road is owned as an investment most likely.

There has been a lot of ridgetop developement where they bulldoze all the trees for the "View" and put up condominiums. This land is still a ways out in the woods and straddles the county line making developement a two county issue possibly. Also the counties have begun to frown upon and restrict ridgetop developements.

Hopefully I will be safe up there for many many years.