Friday, February 09, 2007

More Rocks

The last of the construction debris has finally been removed from the guest parking area that will soon be covered in 3/4 inch grey gravel. I have landscaped to make a paradise and we are putting in an extra gravel parking lot on the only relatively level piece of ground on the whole lot.

While cleaning up the existing bed along the fence line on the left and smoothing the ground a bit more before the gravel gets spread, what do you suppose I should find. More useless rocks. Plenty more useless rocks. The Organized Pile of Useless Rocks grew another foot taller.

Initially I was planning on taking the grey gravel right up to the base of the stairs and the base of the Pyramid. That would be simple and easy. Homeowner 1 was beginning to crack under the regular maintenance and generation of heaps of rubbish from the established landscape and was ready to listen to my make it simple message as huge swaths of new landscaping went in.

Then one night at home I had a vision. Perhaps it was because the space was starting to open up as the construction debris pile began shrinking and the space began to have more of a voice.

I saw a small cool green lawn at the base of the stairs and in front of the Organized Pile of Useless Rocks. I saw a comfortable spot for people to be able to come close to fondle and pet this pile and wonder. I saw a separation between parking and art.

The irrigation line is stubbed out at the base of the stairs for the grass treads already. (I hope they have good home owners insurance!) It would be no problem to add a few more heads to this station for a small cool green lawn. It would be almost as easy adding a lawn to the picture with Paint.

It seems Homeowner 1 and I were having the same vision. Homeowner 2 last week says, "You know H1 was thinking he doesn't want the gravel to come up to the stairs."

Good, neither do I.

I have had a vision.


Pam/Digging said...

Microsoft Paint is pretty handy for expressing a gardening vision, isn't it?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

It might be an even better program if I really learned how to use it. I have found it rather frustrating and haven't spent much time using it.