Saturday, February 10, 2007

Under The Buttercup Tree

A Meditation on Tree Trunks

It isn't just the flowers that make me so obsessive about this tree. The trunk has a Baobab like quality. Things could be living in there that we can't see.

2-11-07 6:30pm
Updated for further inspection.

Here we have a closeup of a protuberance cavity combo that was working somebodies nerves and causing farm animal flashbacks. This may not help.

There really could be some thing living in there that we are not able to see.


Deviant Deziner said...

Perhaps I am just a tad bit over sensitive today because when I tried to make friends with a goat this afternoon, (who I was assured would be friendly and quite accepting of my appearance ) , he turned his puckered buttucks directly towards me and let out a huge fart, followed by a smelly stream of yellow goat pee.

My feelings have been hurt all day . .. . and here I come to what I know as a 'safe place' only to be visually accosted by a tree trunk with a protruding anus on its branch.
I hope it doesn't fart.
I don't think I could take another full frontal assault in one day.

I'm still trying to clean the mess off of my suede hush puppy shoes. I fear that they will never be the same again.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

As you may recall this is the same tree that was said to have a pigs snout. It is only logical that it should be a fully equipped tree and have the appropriate anatomy on the opposite branch.

I have photograhed said anus and will post it for your further inspection. This may or may not allay your current sensitivities.

Be happy that it is not exuding copious amounts of amber to which this tree is prone from this particular oriface.

If I knew of a way to speed up the fossilization process I would be putting bugs a plenty into this golden goo. But then people may think I was being cruel.

Annie in Austin said...

Now it looks like an Atlantic slipper shell. I tried to just 'be' under the tree, but found myself wanting to look at all the work-stuff, and look at the labels on the old pots, instead.

Hello DD - the-place-without-a-name was never as much fun without your precise words. I hope all is well in your world.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose