Friday, February 23, 2007

I Wonder

If the grocery store in Clyde NC will have sushi made fresh daily in their deli?

I am sure the store will have rice. Will they sell it in 50 lb bags?

What about Chicken Katsu, Teriyaki Beef and PotatoMac salad?

Will there be Lychee and Haupia flavored yogurt?

What about Fried Green Peas? Oh My!


aeryn said...

Wow, you just made me hungry. I can tell you that the grocery store in Burlington Vermont does not have any of those items. Now I want to go to Hawaii.

Deviant Deziner said...

I hate to be a buzz kill,
but I think, .. .. ..


Blackswamp_Girl said...

You might have a chance with the friend green peas... but you'd probably even have to make those yourself!

I don't know about the sushi, but one more upscale grocery store here has limited sushi options in their deli case. (And a tomato bisque that's to die for, but that's neither here nor there.)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

What int he heck are friend green peas? That should say fried... I think I need more coffee. :-P

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Fried Green Peas are like a snack cracker or potato chip. They are real peas fried to become crunchy and can be hot or mild with wasabi(Horseradish).

chuck b. said...

Are you moving to North Carolina? Should I have known that?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Perhaps you should go a little light on the herbs while you're gardening and blogging Chuck.

Then again it could just be one of those strange synaptic mishaps that prevented that data from entering your conscious mind. It has been know to occur to me.

Yes, I am moving to NC after 20 years in Maui. Target departure date of June 1st 2007. The lure is an early inheritance of three acres of land to call my own. The drawback is the only thing that is on the land is the literal end of the line electic and phone lines that run through it.

I will be starting over from scratch, The Reinvention Tour.

chuck b. said...

My, my. I discerned that a move was afoot, but I didn't realize it was a global crossing. Will you call the blog Tropcial Reinventions?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I have no set idea of what will emerge from this transition. I will just aim for something new and improved.

Genus loci is a frequency I read well.

chuck b. said...

Well, it will be interesting to watch this unfold.