Thursday, February 01, 2007

Two Views from Today

I don't see this very often. It usually means they have changed their regular route for some reason. Telephoto was used to take this picture, otherwise it would have appeared as a speck. Makes my Slice of the Sky look a lot bigger. It just happened to sail by while I was on my lunch break.

The winds have died down, thank you. I went into the nursery after work to stand all the plants back up and ended up giving my two twelve foot tall long stemmed red and yellow roses a major haircut, back to the nub. They always reward me with a new flush of growth and a big bloom when I do this. It will be nice to enjoy that one more time.

More rain may be headed our way. That is always nice in the desert. It makes for great sunsets while it makes up its mind whether or not to rain.


christin m p in massachusetts said...

Your sky and ocean are bluer than ours, and your sun is whiter too. Kind of like "the grass is always greener..."

And are the roses really 12 feet tall -- or is that just a way to say that they're really, really tall?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

The roses were definately 10' and likely 12' on the tallest stems. They start to droop a bit when they get that tall.

Annie in Austin said...

Is it a cruise ship?

My 'Graham Thomas' was frozen to 4-6 inches each year in IL, but rebloomed in summer. The Victory Garden TV show showed tree-size GT's California, which amazed me. How long will it take before your roses grow enough to rebloom?


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

That is the inter island cruise ship. I can't remember its name at the moment.

I would say within two months I will have major blooms on the roses.