Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Switched

To the newer beta Blogger last night and there are some things I am not liking so far. I still need to switch to the new template format, but will wait until I have more time to rebuild the sidebar links and buttons. Maybe the template change will fix what is bugging me.

In the meantime this is a photo experiment using my favorite Buttercup Tree of course. Before the switch you could click on an image and it would open on a new page. It would open in a size bigger than on the blogger page but still small and could be expanded to full size.

Now they seem to open in the huge full size and are slower to load and can't be seen in the intermediate size.

The top photo is full size. The second photo I reduced by %50. I didn't have to resize my pictures before. It seemed to be automatic. Am I going to have to do more work now before I upload pictures to Blogger?


Deviant Deziner said...

You switch hitter you.

Annie in Austin said...

You might not like the upload process, but the buttercup tree is breathtakingly beautiful in the expanded photo. I'm still delaying, and have seen recent posts from people who were ordered to change immediately or be locked out of their blogs. I keep reading, hoping to know what to watch out for when I finally jump.

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of the changed blogs show the previous year's archive as only '2006', with no months. So if one finds an interesting post and wants to see what happened a day or two later, it seems necessary to keep going back through screen after screen of older posts to get to that date. But yours still have the months - how did you do this?

Good luck with the new template!


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Once you've switched you can't go back. It all just new window dressing.

The "2006" archive may be a drop down menu. Click it and see what happens.

Come on in Annie the water seems fine.