Friday, January 12, 2007

Is It Done Yet?

I have pretty much finished all the major ground preparation for planting beds, vestigial lawns and paths for a garden on a steep rocky volcanic hillside on Maui. Without a conscious effort, minimal at best in this case, I have come close to the end of gathering up useless rocks to place in an organized pile.

A good amount of fill dirt with big pebbles has been added on the left rear side of the pile to help alleviate some of the illusion of lean. The ground here is quite sloped though and the natural gas tank sits just to the left. Its base less than four feet away is a good two feet lower in elevation than the base of the Pile O' Rocks.

By Hawaiian Eyeball standards the top is now level. That lower front left foot closest to the gas tank and standing on sloping ground to take a picture makes it seem slightly askew. I took a picture of a house once on a steep sloped drive and the whole house looked crooked.

Do they make cameras with an object leveling bubble?

Another view from three steps up on the stairs from Hell that are going to have grass treads. A major irrigation challenge that I am still contemplating the best method for.

Ignore the swimming pool shell that appeared one day in the neighbor's yard below. All I can say is I am very glad I was not behind that thing when they were driving it through the neighborhood and up the narrow winding roads.

Talk about askew.

A nice layer of white coral on top and it may qualify as a fish shrine. It might look pretty too.


The County Clerk said...

I am really liking this cairn.

I like what you did with the level top...

I wonder how I can "borrow" this idea?

(Of course, I'd have to BUY the useless rocks.)

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Think the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre and how could something like that fit in your greenhouse courtyard?