Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just a Few Steps to the Left

And my Slice of the Sky gets a lot bigger. Doh!

I'll take the incredible skies we have gotten from this Kona Low, but a bit more rain would have been nice.

As it is now the ranchlands above Kihei have already turned brown again after our only good winter rain in October and the Hawaiian lemmings have started an early run to the sea. Driving at night is a little freaky when things are scurrying across the road.

The spider bloom is in full swing feasting on the Bougainvillea moths that have exploded in numbers. I am getting my annual spider silk skin and hair treatment.

The moth that flew in my mouth I did manage to cough up.

I prefer my plagues one at a time.


chuck b. said...

Big article in the Wall Street Journal today about the homeless homesteading on the beaches of Oahu (sp?). Unfortunate, but what a rich opportunity for the right people to be broke on the beach and writing a novel, or living it. Inner pain writ large against those great big blue beauties, sea and sky, and the polyamorous sun. Stay off the pipe. Find fellowship and play backgammon.

Hopeless San Francisco damage over here from chuck b.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Are you suggesting that I quit my jobs?