Saturday, January 27, 2007

Florida Swamp Thing Fish

A blogger down in Collier County Florida which is on the south west Gulfcoast and home to the city of Naples has resurfaced from the murky swamp waters of the Everglades and is blogging again.

I came across his blog last year. He likes to take pictures of bugs and butterflies and the bigger things that live in the wet and wild down there in way south Florida.

There have been photo tours of his excursions into the swamps and reports of his whole neighborhood being majorly flooded in a freak rain of sorts last fall. You know I had to go along for the tour. It reminds me so much of wandering the woods and creeks of north Florida as a kid.

You can visit ThingFish23 at the Taming of the Band-Aid.

For those of you who like your Florida wilderness a little more tamed there was a link on his blog to a Transplanted Gardener from Maryland now living in Green Cove Springs. She is a garden writer and has a very interesting site.

Green Cove is just south of Orange Park on the St. John's River in the far north Atlantic side of Florida. Orange Park is where my folks spend the winter in the house my grandfather built and where I spent many a childhood day learning about gardens and the life they are filled with.

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