Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Color Wars

**** Danger Warning! Have some sunglasses handy.*****

When Elizabeth over at GardenRant suggested that matching the color of the garden furniture to the color of flowers was stupid paper wasting advice it set off a colorful war of dueling painted Adirondack chairs, sheds and garden objects.

Doug Green responded immediately with a painted picnic table.

Pam/Digging followed up to support Doug with an amazing array of joyfully colored garden accessories. (Unfortunately I can't seem to link directly to that post?)

If only things were that easy here, painting a few pieces of furniture to match some ephemeral blooms or adding some colorful objects in a substantially green backdrop to add a bit of spice.

Imagine a place where the eye is never given a chance to rest. Like the popping flash of the paparazzi culminating in crescendo after crescendo of artificial light when some outrageous embarrassing thing happens. Color. I hate it! It is making me go blind.

It always starts out simple enough. What a pretty flower. What a pretty leaf color. I want one.

Oh that's pretty too. I'll take three of those.

My God that thing is huge! Flash! Flash!

It is so outrageous the color won't even show up true on megapixels.

What color would you suggest the pool deck furniture be painted for this?

Now imagine driving down the road and house after house is trying to out compete each other with their own display of individual preferences of color.

Please, for God's sake leave the furniture brown!


Pam/Digging said...

Ack! You warned me to put on the sunglasses, but I thought I knew better. My eyes have been blinded by all that fuchsia!

I think this proves my hypothesis that geography is everything. Christopher, you should definitely steer clear of colorfully painted furniture. Until you get to N.C., that is.

christin m p in massachusetts said...

Ouch, that USED TO be the only shade of pink I liked -- but now I can understand why you're so repelled by it. A thousand apologies for having misjudged it as "just being too picky".

Believe it or not, I've always loved seeing the endless miles of brown and grey and muted white (birch) bark of all the bare trees we have here in the wintertime -- peppered in with the dark green pines. It's kinda nice to have a color show in Spring, then a green Summer, then a different color show in Autumn, and then your eyes get a rest with the subdued tones of Winter (except when the snow blinds them).

Annie in Austin said...

Our garden furniture is either natural wood or sedate dark green metal, so can't I have just one colorful end table??

As to that particular fuchsia, or magenta or hot pink - I made my feelings known back in June: http://annieinaustin.blogspot.com/2006/06/pink-phobic.html#links


Xris said...


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Fuchsia, Magenta, Hot Pink or Chartreuse, Ack is right.

It is highlighted by an orange and a purple toned Bougainvilleas on the other side of the pool.

They really should rip out the terra cotta colored tile and put in some pink marble and change the roof to blue tile don't you think?

Annie in Austin said...

Hey Xris - when you say Chartreuse are you referring to something from the other side of the color wheel, to possibly complement this bright pink? Chartreuse is green.


Also, maybe complement is the wrong term - Egg it On is more likely!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Chartreuse is a green? I should know that. I am such a man sometimes.