Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Georgia O'Keeffe Series

For Pam at Digging

All in bloom in the garden today.

Yes those are actual raindrops that fell from the sky in Kihei today.

One of the few blossoms left from my poor beheaded Buttercup Tree. After I topped it my evil landlady had it chopped further back by a machete wielding Polynesian with dubious qualifications. There wasn't much left to bloom.

I just love the color and branching structure of these. They look like a Dr. Seuss coral.

To end on a voracious note, very Little Shop of Horrors.

For something a bit more High Culture visit the O'keeffe Museum


Pam/Digging said...

Thanks, Christopher. Your garden looks beautiful at close range (and long range, for that matter), and you have so much in bloom! It's strange, in a sense, to be so far away from your garden physically, but to be able to see it in such intimate detail.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

It is even strange for me to photograph a flower in my garden that I see every day and blow it up to the full size of my 17" monitor and see it with such intimate clarity.

The plum colored Mandevilla even has an ant in there.

Annie in Austin said...

Oh Christopher - these photos are overwhelmingly lovely, with such purity to the colors. The Buttercup blossom resembles a tree peony up close.

If you ever get around to novel writing, maybe you could feature "a machete wielding Polynesian with dubious qualifications" as the villain. Writer's revenge!