Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Shot in the Dark

Very late last Friday night I saw this promo from Microsoft for their new Windows Vista software and in particular I think the photo editing program that is in this new operating system.

It was a photo contest called Show us Your Wow. Submit your best Wow pictures for a chance to win......

I'm like, I think someone actually used that word, "Wow" in reference to one of my pictures. I have to enter this thing. So I did.

I submitted the maximum of 10 that was allowed, I had plenty, two days before the deadline for submissions. At this point six of them have been acknowledged and have shown up on the contest site.

Pink Waxy Velvet

Cosmic Rays Man

I have all 10 of my entries in this post.

At the contest site I found I had to magnify the computer screen to %125 to get the bottom scroll bar to appear to be able to navigate the site. I have my computer set at a either old tech or for the blind so I don't strain my eyes any more than necessary.

You can find my pictures at the contest site by clicking on the Most Recent tab on the left. Then pick the USA country tab in the bottom right after the pictures appear in the layered screen tabs. I start around number 64. You have to move through several sets of photos first by clicking the Next Set tab in the bottom right.

Fire Flower Power

Visit to the Dentist

It is a bit sad, but some of my pictures are skewed in the promo photo editor monitor they are using to show the entries. I don't think it likes my free form cropping deviating too much from the standard rectangular shape.

I realize this is a temporary contest, but you would think Microsoft of all companies could have their display module programmed to a higher level of capabilities.

Golden Candelabras in the Moon Light

Buttercup Moon

The four that follow are the ones that were not accepted or have not been processed yet in the 46,090 entries received worldwide and posted so far. It could be my free form cropping made them way too skewed in their display monitor and that would look bad for them. Or could it be something else? A Shot in the Dark.

Pink Coral and Green Pods

Are You Looking at Me ?

How could they pass up this Day Gecko on a Torch Ginger as lacking in Wow?

There were enough sunsets to last a few years already posted at the contest site so I did not submit any of those. I needed to stand out at this late entry date.

Waiting in the Background

They will need sample pictures to use with their new photo editor. They could pay professional photographers a huge chunk of change for the pictures or have a contest and get thousands of choices for the price of a free trip and a few at cost computers.

I didn't read the rules super close, but you give them the rights to use your picture if you win obviously. I am not sure about rights to the losers pictures.

Ah the lure of free stuff. Throw caution to the wind. I can take plenty more pictures.

Passion in a White Bowl

Six years ago I would not have even been able to enter such a contest. The chance to do something new and different for me, the chance to step out of my former rut and explore new ways of being is enough of a win for me.

Last Sunday there was an anniversary celebration for me in a way unique to Hawaii. It is something I am sure to miss, the wonderful gift of leis.

Basket Full of Love

Thank you everyone for helping me to better see the Wow in life again.


Deviant Deziner said...


ding ding ding ! we have a winner !

Unfortunately the only prize that I can offer is a booby prize.
It is hard competing with Bill Gates.


The County Clerk said...


I'm pleased that some of your incredible photography will be in the contest. It should be.

Damn... I need to get out of this snow... if only for a week or so.

Cheryl said...

They're all great, but I especially liked Golden Candelabras in the Moon Light and the one with the gekko.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

As of this morning they have accepted nine of the photos and rejected "Waiting in the Background" which must have been way too out of shape for their display monitor.

It is a bit harder to find me in the crowd now.

Bill Gates isn't talking to me and you guys are!

Pam/Digging said...

I enjoy your creative pics. Good luck in the contest.