Monday, March 05, 2007

A Chicken by the Side of the Road

He and his girls are in the same spot every month when I drive by. Sometimes they are on the mauka side of the road and sometimes on the makai side of the road. I have never seen these chickens actually cross the road

and The Bug on My Living Room Wall
This creature has been in the house for at least two days.

This may be its "I am too big to fit in your mouth" pose for the geckos.


Annie in Austin said...

They're forbidden in my subdivision but chickens are okay in older parts of Austin... I'd like to see them walking around.

Bugguide says there are over 1000 species of Long-horned beetles - maybe that one is just not one of the tasty varieties?


Cheryl said...

Beautiful rooster, maybe you should introduce him to your living room wall.

Goofy subdivision convenants. Chickens are good for the neighborhood.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

This chicken was in the middle of no where, which means a quarter mile from the nearest abode and is the epitome of free range. It is a wild thing.

He might rightly be called a Jungle Fowl, but there may be a zoological classification, I am not sure, that says chickens have yellow legs and Jungle Fowl have grey legs.

Deviant Deziner said...

He's a handsome fellow.
I bet he'd be stunning outfitted with a creamy basil sauce and a side of fetticini al dente !

Anyone who knows me has probably heard about my bird phobia.
Hence, I prefer any bird that comes near me roasted, toasted, baked or bbq'ed.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Sounds like a lovely Roadkill Recipe Deviant D. Perhaps next month if he is on the mauka side of the road I will swerve quickly.

Cheryl said...

Chickens are supposed to be descended from Asian jungle fowl, so take your pick on names. One of our ideas to get around neighborhood covenants was to call them rare endangered jungle fowl instead of chickens.

They can be gentle, but treat him like any other stray animal.