Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lizard's Tails

It is a jungle out there and competition for territory can get fierce and have lasting consequences.

Take this lizard for example. It was spotted a week ago living in the vicinity of the stairs off my back deck. I have been stalking him ever since to capture this anomaly in pixels.

This is a tale of two tails. Some heinous injury must have occurred that didn't leave a clean break.

(A little blurry sorry)

And the incredible ability to grow new parts diverged. It looks as though proper color management does not come back right away. I wonder if at some point an ability to have two tails in different tones will emerge.

Perhaps we should be studying stump cells as well as stem cells.

I think these two big boys living in the same general location recovering from tail trauma may have been going at it with each other.

Maybe the Intelligent Design folks and the biological scientists at Liberty University and Oral Roberts University could figure out the truth about creation and discover new miraculous medical technologies in a palatable cell format using stump cells. The lizards would not have to be killed to get these cells. Lizards do virgin births too. That may interest them.

Life six feet off the ground perched high on top of the regal blossoms of the Torch Ginger looks much safer. Apparently there are good pickings to the last true flower, long after their freshness has faded.

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

"Lizards do virgin births too. That may interest them." *grin*