Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blue and Green Fence

Deep Blue Morning Glory trying to hide a chain link fence. It is a perennial that ebbs and flows in vigor with the whitefly. It just looked so cheerful this morning I had to take a picture.

I had to change my time zone to PST to get my archives to be in the correct year and month which skews the true Hawaiian time of my posts. Now that I have woken up to a new day I should mention that today I have turned 39 once again. Happy Birthday to me.


Annie in Austin said...

Happy Birthday, Christopher. Staying 39 worked pretty well for Jack Benny. But he was in Aquarius, not Pisces.

The morning glory looks great now - I used to plant it for my father-in-law. The blue ones were his favorite flower.

As to the archives, year seems to be more relevant than hour!


chuck b. said...

Happy Birthday!

christin m p in massachusetts said...

Did you do anything special for your birthday, Christopher?