Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Meat

For a resume

Christopher C*****

A large beautiful forested piece of family land in the mountains of Western North Carolina was an offer I could not pass up. After 20 years running a very successful Landscape Design and Maintenance business on the island of Maui that began with a pair of Corona hand pruners and a copy of Marie C. Neal’s book In Gardens of Hawaii, I am looking forward to relocating to the Asheville area in late June of 2007. A new garden called me.

To use my extensive experience in tropical landscape design and installation in association with fellow green industry professionals. I would like to explore new opportunities and expand my present knowledge in a setting that offers opportunities for growth. The result of this association would benefit myself, the company and the local community by employing horticulture to promote knowledge of sound environmental practices.

Professional History
C. C***** Landscapes 1987-2007

Created landscape designs for new and existing homes as sold drawings only and installations to completion.
Managed projects from the ground and soil preparation to finished planting.
Designed and installed irrigation systems.
Consulted with owners on construction aspects of the landscape.
Coordinated landscape design needs with the various construction trades during active construction work.
Provided weekly full service landscape maintenance to private homes and associations.
Trained and managed landscape crew.
Provided garden consultation service.
Irrigation system diagnosis and repair.
Numerous clients with over a decade of continuous association.

Kihei Plant Productions 2002-2007
Propagated and grew over 100 species of container plants for the landscape trade.
Sold wholesale to local nursery and as a retail nursery open to the public.
Designed and produced website KiheiPlantProductions.com
Profitable business in the second year of operation.

Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture, University of Florida
Landscape Design Program, Colorado State University
A.A. Degree, University of Florida
Twenty years of hands on experience
Self taught basic computer skills

My Gardening Blog: Tropical Embellishments
Botanical and nature photography
Creative writing
Online Garden Forums


Kate said...

This version is much improved from the last one. It sounds far more appealing. I wish you luck on your search...

The County Clerk said...

yes... this one tells me about YOU. Let me chew on the details a bit. I'm little foggy today.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Walking after Midnight with Lilacs can do that to a person Hank.

chuck b. said...

Asheville, huh? Isn't there a university there? You should totally apply for a landscape job. Great benefits at universities.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Not a bad idea. The UNC at Asheville is there. Just checked their site no current listings for me.

The NC Arboretum is also a state university institution that will be a main target for employment.

And I am approaching a certain age where benefits may come in handy.

Cheryl said...

I like this version.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

A posting for my new job has just appeared at the NC Arboretum. Gardener at the Arboretum

Cheryl said...

It looks promising. They would be lucky to have you.