Saturday, December 02, 2006

Black and White

Blogger photo uploading has returned and so has the regular speed of my computer. I wonder if this problem was caused by HawaiianTel, my ISP. In their low power to briefly absent connection that I was getting from them this past week, was Blogger's upload popup shut out? Ah the mysteries of technology.

The first amaryllis of the season has bloomed next to the Black Taro. They are in pots in the nursery, not an intended combination. I am not sure I like them together color wise, but I do like their forms as a combination.

And I just love my Philippine Poinsettias. They are at their peak of bloom when they are the whitest of white and there is little green at all to be seen.

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christin m p in massachusetts said...

The Black Taro is very cool -- I'm pretty sure I've never seen a black plant before now. Colorwise, the Amaryllis and the Black Taro do look like they belong together -- orange with black reminds me of Halloween.

The Philippine Poinsettias are so pretty up close -- like elegant lace. I think you told us in a recent post that they have a beautiful sweet scent too? I'm hoping I can find a potted one in one of our local nurseries.