Sunday, December 24, 2006

Things in my Yard

Irrigation drops on Kalanchoe

and Whiskers on Orthosiphon stamineus

Silver white fern fronds that merge with Rosemary sprigs

These are a few of the things in my yard

I just smelled a shrub named Murraya

And suddenly my nose
will never be the same
All the beautiful smells of the world
in Murraya

Wait no wrong side of the yard
but still I don't feel so bad.

Now get that out of your head if you can.

1 comment:

Annie in Austin said...

Out there you use plain names for things

Like guava and papaya

But when it comes to fragrant flowers

They call Mock-orange Murraya

Murraya! Murraya!
They call sweet winds Murraya!