Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Bee's Behind

I am not quite ready to be a photographer for National Geographic. I have a lot to learn about good lighting and backgrounds and there may be more patience needed than I possess to capture a good image of a bee.

It has been COLD here, getting down to about 70 degrees at night. The basil which is usually swarming with bees is in the shade of the house in the morning and all the bee action was out along the warm sunny driveway lined by a hillside of Aloe.

Butt this is a picture of a bee that I was not able to take before with any clarity.

The flowers of this orchid are just a bit smaller than a quarter. It kept refusing to show up as a focused image. I need to practice a bit more with the focal distance of the settings on this optical zoom. The blinding white of the lowest petal must be accurate. Flash is not used for close-ups and this orchid is in the shade. I think that is part of why it seems unfocused.

A little background experiment. I think very steady hands are needed for this exercise too. Do not drink too much coffee before trying to make small objects appear larger than they are.

This is Torch Ginger, Etlingera elatior. It is predominately a summer bloomer but a healthy patch can send up flowers throughout the year.

The highly fragrant Yellow Butterfly Ginger, Hedychium flavescens unless they have changed the species name.

There is just something about this cropped image of the frond of a baby Thatch Palm, Thrinax excelsa that appeals to me.

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chuck b. said...

You should get those plants under cover so they don't frost! Brrrr! 70 degrees! How awful! Better to stay inside with hot chocolate and enjoy the Christmas tree.

Those are pretty flowers!