Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wild Things

Hidden away in some of the most remote jungles of Wailea, Hawaii is a rare gigantic form of a plant that puts on a spectacular seasonsal mating display. Usually they are held captive as potted houseplants for their flagrant display. Most succumb and wither away after a short spell under the vagaries of human captivity.

Rarely a few manage to survive with more humane treatment. Not many will repeat the flagrant display that first caused their capture after being so beaten down. Often they are lacking the proper wild clues for reproduction. Fewer still manage to survive and escape back into the wild.

I went on the hunt for one of these rare gigantic wild specimens in its full seasonal courting attire.

Down long winding roads and behind several locked gates in a highly secure location, a couple of these returnees to the wild had found a protected spot tucked in among some larger plants.

Approaching cautiously from the side and at a distance I was able to capture this image of the rare gigantic form in a wild setting in full display.

It was just past high noon. The warm day and large amounts of energy spent on attracting the attention of pollinators had lulled this giant into a peaceful lethargy. I was able to sneak quietly in for a closer shot.

Treking through the jungle and capturing this elusive rarity on a digital camera was far easier than getting the message it wanted to share with the world to appear in the same image. Deciphering the message code took some work.


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Annie in Austin said...

How, creative, beautiful and festive, Christopher - although your Philippine Poinsettia is even more lovely. I let a 3-year old Poinsettia return to what I thought was a protected spot in the wilds of my suburban garden. Maybe it can come back from the roots, but the whole top froze.

It's time to get off the computer, as I'm surrounded by the undone and need a week to catch up.
Happy Holidays to you,
from Annie at the Transplantable Rose