Saturday, December 16, 2006

Back to the Sky

The setting sun has moved further south and no longer lands in the ocean where I can see it from my piece of the ocean and sky.

If only the neighbors below me would chop down their Plumeria Tree I could see a bit more of the deep blue sea. Not! I would rather have the tree screening their house and cottage from me.

There is still a camera full of sky directly above me.

And there is a different new sky each day
if I pause for a brief moment
to just look
to just be


Annie in Austin said...

Your sky belongs in a Spielberg movie - or painted on a ceiling. That's a hard choice - expose the view or retain some screening from other houses. With no real view here, I don't have to think too hard!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

The County Clerk said...

I just love your sky photos.

Don't stop doing this please.

And when you get to your new place, please find another patch of sky for us.