Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heading West

You have to click on the picture and expand it to see them, but their are twenty 180 foot tall windmills on the ridge line in front of you. In real life they are huge dramatic sculptures with an unavoidable presence. It is some what baffling to me that they do not show up very well on film.

This whole side of the mountain to the left of the power plant smoke stack, over the ridge and beyond burned early last September. What a difference a little rain makes.

The road runs right through Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, a natural wetland that is home to some endangered Hawaiian waterfowl. Heading back east on the way home late that afternoon I saw a large group of the Hawaiian Stilt. They are very elegant looking black and white wading birds. Next week I will try to be a bit more prepared to stop and take a picture. Split second decisions to pull off the two lane road at 55mph in rush hour traffic are not one of my talents.

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