Thursday, April 26, 2007

A New Door Opens

Tomorrow when I wake up everything will be different. My work life here has officially ended. From this point forward all my energy will be directed to being able to walk through a new door.

I better get busy. There is a lot of moss on my rocks and cobwebs in the crevices.

Later that same day:

At the end of a spurt of busy I am having the realization that underneath my garden there is a very nice landscape. Once I have cleaned up, thrown out and sold off everything that needs to go I might actually be willing to show photographs of my garden as a living space. It has very good bones. I will work hard to make it nice enough to turn over to someone else. Pity that I will not be here to enjoy it.

As God as my witness, my own garden will not be the last one to get attention ever again.


Cheryl said...

It's hard to leave a place when you finally get it fixed up. We keep telling ourselves that we should pretend to put the house up for sale, fix it up, and then enjoy it ourselves. But we never get around to it.

Annie in Austin said...

Our previous houses looked almost perfect when the sign was up and a prospective buyer might appear any minute. Living in a neat and perfect house was boring... no cooking of dishes that might take too long to clean up, because the kitchen had to look good, no projects with cloth, photos, glue, etc., and all the sheet music, DVD's and stacks of books away.

But I'd sure like to go on a virtual tour and see your garden when it's ready for viewing!

The door is beautiful - you told us about this move a long time ago, Christopher - why does it seem to be happening so quickly? Instead of in the Tropics, you'll soon be in the Treetops.


Layanee said...

And what a lovely door that is! Enjoy your remaining days in the garden you tended.

chuck b. said...

I have a big pile of pots like that in my garage. And I'm just some guy, not even a professional garden dude. I would like to have a pretty kitty tho'. Soon, soon.

When exactly are you moving? I hope you're not going to wait a year before you start the garden. They (experts) say you're supposed to wait a year before you do anything to see what comes up because you never know. Well, whatever.

Deviant Deziner said...

It's been a while since I've had a chance to check into your blog for one reason or another.
The photography is still incredible as is the writing.

You must be getting excited to be heading towards a new chapter in your life.

I look forward to viewing your garden photography and writing.


mmw said...

I'm going to miss your dispatches from Hawai'i, but it will be very interesting to watch you deal with a totally different biome.