Friday, April 20, 2007

Maui Afternoon

It has been a while since we had a movie. I thought I would capture another view of the garden that is soon to be no more.

I am in complete denial about being a plant addict which was why I could not participate in Hank's Gardeners Anonymous Five Crazy Things. Remember this is a backyard nursery too. Stuff just grows and I have very little to do with it. Don't let the jungley appearance fool you. I am perfectly within the bounds of normal gardening behavior.

You may spot a Monarch Butterfly in the video that was floating around as I was filming. My sweet kitty Greyman says goodbye too.

Aloha Maui No Ka 'Oi.


Xris said...

How hard it will be to leave.

chuck b. said...

The kitty says goodbye? This sounds too sad to watch. I need to know it's not too sad to watch before I watch.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

It isn't too sad to watch.

chuck b. said...

That was very moving. I'm serious.

Harold & Maude said...

Everytime I see your yard, and hear the warm wind, I know I will someday be living in your very neighborhood. Your yard is an aphrodisiac (not sexual, just sensual) for my soul. I am still in shock that you are leaving as I had planned for you to be our plant expert for many years to come. I know you are going to a better place for you, your own (sizable) piece of this earth, but know you will be missed by me and many others you have helped. Our 'quick trip' to Maui next month is soley to harness your expertise for our yard in Maui Meadows one more time.
Thank dog (so much better than "god" don't you think?) we have the internet so we can keep track of you and your adventures in your new locale!!

Pam said...

This is beautiful. I remember the winds during my first (and only) trip to Hawaii - constant and steady trade winds.

I think I've come in late to this story, as it seems that you are leaving this garden.