Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First Flower

If you get a chance watch the PBS NOVA show First Flower. Lots of interesting tidbits on crazed botanists, China being the motherland of temperate horticulture, sex and bugs and lots of other goodies while hunting for the first flowering plant in the fossil record. Plenty pretty pictures too.


The County Clerk said...

Interesting. Yes... it's all China. Can't wait to learn more about this.


Annie in Austin said...

Hello Christopher,
It was on here last night - Philo and I enjoyed it, then found out our son in Chicago was watching, too.

I was bonding with Yin and Hinkley as they recognized one treasure after another, in such proximity to the highway.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Yes the looking at treasures on the side of a highway cut and how excited he was by it all was infectious. Topped off with a gorgeous Lady Slipper Orchid with multiple blooms, just growing wild like that.