Sunday, April 15, 2007

April Blooms - The Mundane the Bad and the Ugly

What flowers have you not seen on this blog? What flowers might you never have seen? What would be new and different? What will I post for April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day?

What is blooming in my garden in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii on April 15th, the American Procrastinators Day of Reckoning?

Ilex x attenuata 'East Palatka'. This is the male tree in bloom. It is much more floriferous than the female tree on the other side of the house and unfortunately it blooms a little prematurely for the female tree to set a good berry crop. They arrived in my garden as seeds from a tree in Florida at the house where I grew up. There are not likely to be any other male suitors on the entire island of Maui for my female tree. It was sheer luck that I got one of each.

I am trying not to get hysterical about the disappearing bees. There are still plenty here. A gentleman from the Big Island left a comment on one of my bee posts saying a beekeeper neighbor there had lost a third of his hives.

The action on this Holly Tree has always been a sight to behold when it is in bloom. Bees, wasps, flies and moths would flock to this tree in droves. The Anoles would move in by the dozens to feast on the flying creatures. It was a veritable feeding frenzy in miniature with an accompanying audible buzz and rustle.

This year it seems much more subdued. I will watch over it the next few days and weeks to see if it is discovered and the action begins. I have been waiting to film this event for the Tube.

The few bees and big flies that were there today were less than co-operative in posing, but I managed to capture a natural pair of red eye, no flash was used in this shot.

This is the White Shrimp Plant, Justicia betonica. The green veining on white is quite interesting. I like using this as a white filler in flower arrangements. I collected this from the side of the road on the North Shore.

The weeds are always blooming and attract their share of pollinators.

An evil Bougainvillea that captured me with its white and pink blended blush. I have never treated it well and it has stabbed me repeatedly in return.

A verbena I also collected on the side of the highway in a section of mowed grass. It may be a form of Verbena tenuisecta. I am not sure. It is kind of a wild thing in my garden now, having been used as a groundcover for a bit.

Your standard Pentas lanceolata. These grow as weeds in my garden now too.

Galphimia glauca, a nice small shrub with brittle stems that blooms almost year round.

Ever seen a Manila Palm tree in bloom?

I think I will let you guess what this ugly bloom might be. A hint, there are male and female individual plants. This is the bloom of one of the sexes.

More Ugly, these are the feet that wander through the garden in the evening light carrying form weary eyes trying to take nice pictures for cyber consumption.

Congratulations to all the nominees for the first annual Mouse and Trowel awards!


Carol said...

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I have no point of reference for how blooming goes in Hawaii, so your blog helps. I really get a sense of the variety of bloom from your photos. I just imagine that every plant blooms every day in paradise, though I know that is not the case.

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Christopher - this morning I read about the woman who got Emancipation Day declared as a legal holiday in DC, resulting in your extra day for procrastinating. I'm glad you could fit photos into your day.

The yellow Datura is wonderful - the idea of chopping one back seems so odd, as I watch mine resprout from ground level after winter, and wonder if I'll ever see it bloom. And the Justicia/ White Shrimp plant is fine - really fine...much more covetable than the ones I see in old yards here.
My Chinese Hollies had a few flowers on the female, way earlier than the male, which had and only moderate amounts of bees on it this year. We're worried about bees here, too.

Could your ugly bloom be that fruit like a lychee nut?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

No the ugly bloom is not a Lychee.

The White Shrimp plant can get quite tall 4 to 5 feet if it has something to lean on. It would make a nice back of the border plant.

Carol in "Paradise" lots of somethings are blooming everyday, but different plants do have their seasons.

And the envelopes please, we get to give the state an income tax too, have been deposited at the post office.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Christopher, I dig that Manila Palm. The branch-ey parts look like brightly colored yellow coral coming out of the back of the tree.

I'm kicking myself over procrastinating this year. I thought I wasn't going to get much back, but my refund is a little bigger this year. (The bad news is, it's a little bigger because I made less.) The government's check isn't going to make it to me in time to do another spring plant order, though. Maybe that's just as well?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I actually used pieces of the Manila Palm flower for a no vase, no water, sea themed, table center pieces for a dinner theater production of Dames at Sea.

I can do you one procrastination better. Being self employed I pay my entire taxes state and federal and social security in bulk at the last minute. Quarterly estimated payments, Hah! Refund never had one.

The County Clerk said...

Your mundane is our exotic. thanks for all these photos. It really is something nice to be able to visually experience the daily tropics of a gardener.

Very enjoyble. Between these and Chuck B's walk-arounds, I can sit right here and really travel.


Annie in Austin said...

So what is it?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Well since no one else wants to quess what the ugly swollen cone is. That is the female part of the Zamia pumila/floridana or Coontie.

Annie in Austin said...

Whoa- sorry I asked - no way am I going to google that name, Christopher.