Saturday, April 14, 2007

Common Maui Sunsets

Some days are less spectacular than others. The sun just kinda sets without making a big fuss. The roof line of my humble cottage blocks the sun and frames the sky.

Which made this sunset from four days ago that I told Pam I would post for a bi coastal toast to a good planet seem a bit more interesting. At the time I felt it was too ordinary. Today it looks like a yummy Triple Layer Cake. I think I need to stop looking at forms, drawings and screens and eat some dinner.


Pam said...


I feel a bit badly that I wasn't about to be more useful in the global warming debate - I was out, with only intermittent (at best) internet access (and not with my own computer). I caught up on posts yesterday, and some folks provided some really useful information, and I'm sure glad that they did.

I do have a terrible attitude about it all though. There's a very determined (and tiny) minority that refute the human influence on global warming, with arguments that are now old - and unfortunately alot of scientists (including myself) have just sort of quite trying to convince them - it's like we sigh and give a sarcastic 'whatever' response. There's been a flurry of posts recently on ScienceBlogs about scientists and communication - and the responsibility of scientists to communicate - and honestly, I find it exhausting. I've been thinking about it a bit, and my thoughts are not well-thought out, so I'll just quit my rambling and save us both some time!

The sunset is beautiful, and I'm so envious of the beautiful Datura's - and the rocks. I'm living in a sandy coastal plan, a rockless sandy coastal plan, and miss New River rocks and rocks jutting out of the Blue Ridge - and quartz rocks that are all over my parents land.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Things have changed in the last twenty years. The Mighty Wurlitzer has been making a concerted effort to denigrate most of the institutions that hold civil society together. Science, academia, the media, the judiciary and government in general have all been attacked and undermined.

Scientists used to be able to research and publish and argue among themselves until a consensus was generally accepted and that worked its way out into the public. Now special interests advertise and market emotionally driven pseudo plausible alternative truths. The news media has been bought up and cowed into impotence.

That leaves scientists often facing well funded, ideologically driven full time special interests on their own. It is no wonder it can become exhausting countering that on a regular basis.