Sunday, April 08, 2007

In the Garden this Evening

Light Shafted

Purple Propellers of Petrea

Rusted Image

The Last Yellow Buds from Above

The Slow Sensuous Revelation

Escargot for Ants

Upside Down and Sideways

Pulsing Red Veins

Leaf Liner


Annie in Austin said...

Great shapes and colors, Christopher. I like the Purple Propellers of Petrea of course, and the Last Yellow Buds from Above is a keeper.

But did you ever get to the taxes?


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

The books are totaled and closed for the year and the receipts are organized by who. Next I need to organize receipts by date and then the ciphering and form filling can start. I have another week. Oh Lord.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I like the light shafted picture best... and lots of others as well, of course. You're a great photographer.

Hope your back is feeling a little better... yikes!