Thursday, November 30, 2006

Progress Not

Edited 12-1
(Photo switched to Blogger. Can be expanded now.)

Well now this is interesting. Tired of waiting for
Blogger photo uploading to come back on, I thought I
would try my old PhotoBucket account and work around it.
I resized this image enough times to the point of
aggravation, Lord I am stubborn, and even though
PB says it is the right size to fit, Blogger thinks it is bigger.

I test posted it to see if it would shrink in the publishing,
but no it did not. The interesting thing was the large size did
not shift my profile box and links down to the bottom of the page.
They sat on top of the photo and that sure is an interesting look.

My Organized Pile of Useless Rocks has grown quite a bit in the
last nine days. Standing behind it and in front of the large natural
boulder outcropping is a Baby Buttercup Tree. May it live a long
and healthy life with a full head of branches and leaves and produce
bumper crops of blossoms to the joy of all who see.

I am hoping the steep elevation drop will work in its favor
in the long run.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Never mind. Now the huge picture has shrunk to fit in the column. I didn't click a thing.

Annie in Austin said...

Sometimes Blogger just spins and spins, saying 0% posting for a half-hour. I've given up, shut down and come back to find the entry was posted after all.

I hope the Buttercup tree can remain unchopped there, too.