Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blogger Revealed

Inspired by the use of vintage profile shots and the use of vintage photographs in posts by some enjoyable garden bloggers, Annie in Austin and the Takoma Gardener and a revealing self portrait by Chuck B at Whoreticulture, I thought I would see what I could come up with. I have a feeling I may be leaving someone out who I visit regularly and has used old photos other than Ellen at Whistlestop Caboose, forgive me.

I definitely need a better camera for closeups.

Remember when children were kept in cages and that was a good thing?

Then you dressed them up once a year for the obligatory mugshot to hand out to the relatives.

The 60's passed and the best you could hope for the "Paper Boy of the Month" was to get him to comb his hair.

This one was frightening. My God I used to be hot! What happened and should I really be going through old photographs?

And then you end up like this after a long hard life on the range, my stage debut as a puppet on a string. Left to right:
Joe Aguirre
Ennis Del Mar
Boss Hogg
Miss Kitty Kola and
Jack Twist

Inspiration is one thing, but never discount the power of Vanity and a Mother's Love who made an individual photo album from tons of old pictures for each of her five children to give as gifts.


Annie in Austin said...

Thank you for these great photos, Christopher. Your teenage photos are quite striking - you look like a movie star, and apparently never went through an awkward stage. Maybe your mom edited the photo albums, leaving out any geeky moments!

You look like such a little rascal in the youngest photos - did your older sisters and their friends think you were adorable in person, or did they just treat you like a pesty little brother?

If there's any Vanity involved, these photos prove that you've always had a lot to be vain about, and still do.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Awkward stage, I had an awkward decade. The photos don't portray the recesses of the mind.

I always played well with girls since that is how I was socialized, being surrounded mostly by girls until about 4.

chuck b. said...

It's so funny how people change slash don't change. For some people, there's like a look that settles over us when we reach a certain age, and we have it for life, and then there are other people who undergo dramatic transformations way later in life (on their own...w/out cosmetic surgery).

christin m p in massachusetts said...

You were an exceptionally good looking teenager -- were you in your teens in both bottom photographs? And I LOVE those pictures of you as a baby and a little boy -- you were adorable. Did your Mom write the dates on the backs of all the photos -- do you know how old you were in each one?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I was born in a log cabin on a dark and stormy night, wait no, I meant I was born in March of 1958 so I can guesstimate my age in the photo's.

The Paper Boy of the Month I was around 15 and in the next picture I was 27. I know by who, where and how the shot at 27 was taken. It is not something one can forget. Saving it for my novel.

christin m p in massachusetts said...

Wow -- At fifteen, you looked a bit older than your age -- then at twenty-seven, you looked much younger than your age. I had thought maybe there was only a difference of a couple of years between the two photographs.

You were born on March 13th -- right?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Yes March the 13th, sometime after a spagetti dinner.