Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Photo Dependent Blogging

I have been unable to upload photos for the last three days, so a new post has been thwarted. It wasn't that exciting anyway. Mostly I have been quite busy with this new landscape install and quite tired and brain dead when I get home. Add in two challenging people I have had to deal with in the last few weeks without losing my cool and trying very hard to "Be Nice" and a state of stupor settles in. This too shall pass.


chuck b. said...

Hang in there.

Annie in Austin said...

The photo-posting can make you nuts - sometimes easy, sometimes impossible. When it goes badly, I remind myself that blogger may be frustrating, but it's also free. Sometimes that calms me, but not always.

I'll copy ChuckB and also say, "hang in there", Christopher.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Yes free is good so I am not too aggravated by the photo uploading tantrum by Blogger. It has happened before and lasted several days.

I have done a major house cleaning of my computer to be sure it wasn't me and because my computer had also moved into slow motion at the same time. I gained at least 200MB of physical memory by dumping old and unused programs. I cleared old files and defragmented. This helped page loading speed a bit, but it is still slower than normal.

I even downloaded and tried the Firefox browser. It was no help.

I think my Carlyle Group owned phone company is having its own tantrum. Since Verizon sold the phone company here and they switched to their own independent ISP servers it has never been a fully operational company. They have frequent brief internet outages and slowdowns. It is a reminder to me of how technologically spoiled we may have become when I am in a charitable mood. When I am feeling crabby those greedy SOB's are taking my money and not keeping their end of the deal.