Tuesday, May 30, 2006

One for the Road

Once a month I drive to the other side, the wet side of the island to tend a garden. As I near my destination, a house perched an a ridge looking over the Pacific Ocean the road gets a little narrow, a little twisting and a little scary.

The valleys carved into the north shore of the island by time, wind and rain must be crossed to reach this place.

There are days when cliffs have a certain allure.

Made it.

A view from some of the windows.

Nice and tidy. Time for a vacation.


christin m p in massachusetts said...

Very nice job on that garden. And I've just got to drive that same route at least once before I leave this planet.

Bye for now, Christopher...Enjoy your vacation!

whistlestop caboose said...

Christopher, sorry I have not kept up regular visits here - too much work - especially as I missed these wonderful views. I hope your vacation is great and you share the photos with us all!

christin m p in massachusetts said...

Hi Christopher,
I see you checked in and deleted the spam that was there the other day.

Are you having a good time in Florida?

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Having an odd time.

robin c said...

Odd, huh?

christin m p in massachusetts said...

May you never, ever have a day where cliffs have too much allure.