Monday, June 19, 2006

Other Oceans

The Atlantic Ocean on June the 17th 2006 just north of the mouth of the St. John's River on Little Talbot Island. It is a long way back to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the island of Maui.


christin m p in massachusetts said...

Which place feels more like "home" to you?

christin m p in massachusetts said...

In light of your subsequent post, I'm thinking maybe the question I posed here is a loaded one. Sorry about that.

Anyway, this photograph on Little Talbot Island is one of the ones I want to copy once you get caught up with all your work and have enough time to teach me how to do it.

I hope you'll also be able to help me post some pictures on my blog. We took digital pictures of a nestling robin I found last Friday evening, and I want to post them, but I don't know how to do it.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Step one for copying this beach shot and posting a photo to a blog is to copy the picture into a file on your own computer.

For this beach shot right click the picture and save the file in My Pictures or some place like that in your computer.

The easiest way to make an actual picture is with a good photo quality printer. If you do not have that I bet Kinko's or some other printing/copy business does and you could e-mail them the file that is the beach picture and have them print it for you.

For the blog just open the new post feature of the blog and follow the directions to upload a photo. It will have you upload the file that is the baby bird picture from where you have it stored on your computer.

christin m p in massachusetts said...

Okay. I managed to post two pictures where I'm holding the baby bird in his dried grass-clipping nest. I still haven't figured out how to add text to the pictures though.