Thursday, May 25, 2006


I scanned and copied into a Word document a story my paternal Grandmother wrote about her early life when she was in her eighties. I have wanted to edit her story for a long while to make it easier to read. Now that I have technology that makes it easier for me to do that, the process has started. My Grandmother’s story was not as poorly written as I had remembered and I intend to leave it as close to the way it was written as possible. I will remove all the obvious errors that came from an old typed document with hand written corrections from an eighty year old woman that has been run through a scanner.

I am playing with pictures again too. These digital photographs were taken by my guest of a picture on my wall. The photo on my wall is a copy of a reproduction of a very old original photograph and not from a negative. The digital photo here was taken with a high pixel count and I am learning how the processing afterwards of the digital image has to fit the format allowed on whatever computer application you intend to use it for.

Photo: T. Schilke

I am learning that I should take pictures with the best setting on my camera and that I can resize the image afterwards to suit the format of how it will be shown or sent. This will help with image quality and clarity.

Edited photo: Christopher C.

This is a photograph of my Grandmother when she was in her twenties doing something her grandson continues to do, wandering through the woods capturing shrubberies to bring home and put on display in the garden. I am guessing the time of this photo to be some where around 1915.


christin m p in massachusetts said...

I'm so glad you found the way to post photographs from your past. Whenever I meet someone interesting (even when it isn't in person), it fascinates me to see pictures of them growing up, and pictures of the people close to them who helped to shape them into the unique persons they've become. This photograph is especially interesting, since it not only shows physical traits which were passed on, but also -- as you intended -- the talents and traditions you were so lucky to have inherited. It wouldn't be possible to find a more befitting title for this post than the one you've chosen.

It says a lot of good things about you that you have your grandmother's picture on your wall, and that you kept her story. I hope you're going to post the story here, because now that you wrote about it, I'm dying to read it.

christin m p in massachusetts said...

I also meant to tell you I hope you have a really nice time in Florida. Two weeks is going to feel like a very long time to wait to see more posts here, but I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of your trip and reading about your new adventures there (and hopefully more of your reminiscences as well).

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I am editing the story now so I can take a copy of it home with me for the family reunion so everyone else will be able to read it. If I am lucky I may go get some photo's of certain locations and post them with my Grandmother's story when I get back.