Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Queen of the Pits an Ode to Trudi_d 7

This is a copy of my last post to the Gardenweb. It was deleted from the Hot Topics and Garden Writers forums. I frequented and participated at this forum until the new owners succeeded in turning a high traffic and popular site into a dancing, blinking video arcade of cheesy advertisement. They then claimed in a new Terms of Service policy the same Copyright privileges as the authors of all submitted work. The mother company is Hearst Publishing and I questioned the morality of their extensive taking in this matter.

You would have to know all the characters in this whole drama to get the drift of this entry. I post it here in case some of those from Gardenweb would like to see what was deleted. A link to the last thread about the issue is here.

A Moral Question

The Queen of the Pits

It is True
De lights are set
An audience has begun to gather
The Queen of the Pits prepares
For a one Whoa Man show

A connoisseur of shovels
Our Pit Queen demurs
Forever shoveling forever
Most of the time
Looking ridiculous
Yet feeling sublime

A sense of superiority
Is maintained intact
The Pit Queen is too dense
To deal with real facts

Instead the show is performed
As a rabid attack
Withdraw and Deflect
A Dance around act

One can’t help from lurking
It has to be seen
Just exactly how wide
To In Trude
Can she open that Thing?

( [] )

The stage has been set
For the Pit Queen’s last chance
To have the last word
With ilima the pest

So shovel and dig
Look really deep in your pit
Find something of worth
Please…. no ridiculous outbursts
You must
Make it your best


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Yes you may comment.

Anonymous said...


I was trying to find an email to send you comments and didn't find one. if you have one can you direct me to it.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

In the Dark of the Night Miss In Trude had an entire WS thread with 91 comments at 3:30 am Monday EST disappear. It seems I am not the only person who challenges the Queen of the Pits. A poster by the name of error.. asked for an apology from the pathetic dominatrix. Elimination of dissent seems to be the only tool at her disposal.

I'll say it again since that comment was also deleted from the Garden Writers forum, though her reply remains.

"How very Republican of you Trudi." You should apply for a job at the White House.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Mowing the lawn
The mind is freed
Thoughts wander outside
When my God
It dawned on me
I severely under estimated
The size and the width
Of that Thing

A thong
Or a speedo
Is no great feat
But a bar fully stocked
Shelves lined to the top
Bottles and bottles
Oops she slipped and the
Entire bar fell deep into the Pit

Were the bottles
Inserted one at a time
Or swallowed in haste
Enmass in a crime

ilima the pest
Came disguised
Kahuna ana ana
A bottle was filled
A plant potion treat
For the iVillage hired
Dominatrix of the Pits

Miss In Trude
In a hurry
To cover her tracks
Gobbled it up
illicium9's potion intact

Dissent and drama
Interfere just a bit
With a Corporate intent
It must make a Profit
Or iVillage may need
To jettison the bitch

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Another dissenter has been eliminated from "A Moral Question" thread just as predicted. I saved them.

RE: A Moral Question
• Posted by: little_dani 9, S. Tex Coast (My Page) on Wed, Feb 8, 06 at 0:42
I understand the deal with iVillage and the choice to post or not to post and all that.
I am a little confused about one thing tho.
Does Trudi d work for iVillage? I seem to see her everywhere on the GW, and lately she is rather nasty and rude to just about everybody. I have actually defended Trudi in the past, but I am thinking that I must have made a mistake.
I am not singling her out for criticism, but I am wondering why she is immune from the rule about being nice to each other? I have seen several posts lately that I would be surprised if the recipients of her mean attitude ever posts again.

RE: A Moral Question
• Posted by: ilima (My Page) on Wed, Feb 8, 06 at 4:50
She either has clout or has whining and complaining perfected to a T who has posts and whole threads removed on a regular basis.

RE: A Moral Question
• Posted by: trudi_d 7, Long Island (My Page) on Wed, Feb 8, 06 at 18:17

RE: A Moral Question
• Posted by: little_dani 9, S. Tex Coast (My Page) on Wed, Feb 8, 06 at 20:33
My mother always taught us that good manners were a mark of good breeding. She wanted us to always be known to be of good character.
I guess character, good or bad, always shows.

RE: A Moral Question
• Posted by: ilima (My Page) on Wed, Feb 8, 06 at 21:12
Yawn is a sign that you have hit a hot button and the cavernous Pit is about to open. Janie you can expect this whole thread or the last few comments to fall into the void shortly.

Yes they all fell into the void.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

The following are some of the collected words of Trudi_d7, Imperial Announcements from on High.

The comment she was responding to here was deleted.
RE: I'm Outta Here
Posted by: trudi_d 7, Long Island (My Page) on Sat, Jan 28, 06 at 19:54

Oh, good. You read my reply on suggestions and comments. I'm sure many others did too ;-)
However, I'm confused here, you didn't make yourself clear to me just now, and if not clear to me whom you directed the comment at, probably also not clear to other people.

What is it that makes me or my opinions so Republican? And what does Republicanism have to do with my opinions or chances? Please do clarify yourself so I fully understand your compliment/insult--I'm not sure which was your intention.

T--finding this deliciously delightful and applauding ilima for a salvo that could almost match the no-holds-barred debating of the razed SCM Convo Pit. This may actually bring this forum back to life. Hear, Hear to You!

RE: Flaming
Posted by: trudi_d 7, Long Island (My Page) on Fri, Feb 17, 06 at 0:03

Wow! I can't imagine flaming on the GardenWeb! That's horrific, I've never heard of or experienced such a thing. I hope it doesn't happen here.
T--who knows where warm and fuzzy exists in harmony, UNTIL, one of those gosh darn flamers comes and commits poster suicide and, in supplication, disembowels themself in front of her. Some are more entertaining than others. Sigh.

From a very OffTopic post in WS.
RE: Winter Sowing listed in Dave's Garden plant files
Posted by: trudi_d 7, Long Island (My Page) on Sat, Feb 18, 06 at 13:08

In January, but it was a hassle to get their admin to set it up right. She didn't want to do the work.
DavesGarden has had several of its posters copy over seed lists from the FAQ here without permission. Those posters are in the dog house with me. If you find anymore of my seed lists or FAQs that do not give credit to me or WinterSown.Org please add your two cents to their posts and demand that the info be pulled and or credited correctly.


RE: Winter Sowing lists
Posted by: trudi_d 7, Long Island (My Page) on Sat, Feb 18, 06 at 13:37

I don't care whats in their plant files, its the outright snatching showing up in posts which is irritating. I have a disclaimer on my website from page--you can use whatever you want for nfp and educational purposes, but DG is a .com and credit should be given correctly.

MY Comment:
From 7.Rights in Content of the TOS
You also permit any visitor or member to access, display, view, store and reproduce such content solely for personal, noncommercial use.
By using and posting at GW you have agreed to the TOS. Get over it Trudi_d7