Thursday, February 16, 2006

iVillage for Sale

Hard to imagine but I have been banned from GardenWeb. I did not get a single polite or threatening e-mail to either of my personas. They just kept deleting my comments and removing whole threads. They did not take into account a stubborn, inquisitive, brat who has learned computer stuff fairly easily.

iVillage is for sale and the bidding closes on February 22, 2006. That explains a lot about the new TOS that went into effect on January 24, 2006. They knew it was going to be sold and by restating copyright and claiming the same copyright privileges as content submitters it increased the value of the data base being sold. It also explains the numerous comments and entire threads that have been disappearing of late. You can not have a revolt of the users of the site going on while prospective buyers are fondling the merchandise.

Congratulations folks, your useless ramblings and crummy photos about your favorite pastimes that had absolutely no value has been coupled with some other forums and a page of links to garden blogs and is on the market for 350 to 700 million dollars.

God Bless the unfettered free enterprise capitalist system that can turn useless junk into a hot property. You the user are just a dot in cyberspace to target for advertising and marketing. Do not complain because as a living human being you do not have the same extensive rights as corporate persons.

I expect that if this thread heats up it too will disappear. I noticed today that the “No one will post photos anymore” thread is also gone. I will save this one too just in case. Another Missing Thread

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