Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Hat From Iraq

My friend just got back
For a two week vacation
From her tour of duty
Over there in Iraq

She brought me this green hat
That says
Camp Echo Iraq

I love and admire my friend
And I trust her decision to go
Now I have to make one
About this cap from Camp Echo

What will this hat say?
As I go through my day
To people who read
My Iraqi Chapeau

From the very beginning
I thought no
We should not go

But what am I to do with this hat
From my friend who I love
Who could not say no
And had to pack up and go

Christiane shows up
Where ever there is an attack
She got kinda miffed
At the start of the war

She said
It is not I…… rack
It is not I…… ran
And it is not KIY……HE

It is KeeHay (Kihei)
It is E…Rock
And it is E…Raan
Just to throw up some sand

Performed live October 30th 2005 at Maui Booksellers, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii by Christopher C.

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