Thursday, October 26, 2006

Procrastination as an Art Form

From Xris at Flatbush Gardener comes an introduction to this internet computer play thing.

You can paste the address of any blog or any other site into this Websites as Graphs place and it will generate a graph of that site based on the links and HTML code or some such things. Each site is like a unique snowflake.

Xris has the instructions for how to copy a shot of your site to save. I followed them and the picture above is Tropical Embellishments.

I could be working on my resume or filling out the GE tax forms and writing a check to the State of Hawaii or......


christin m p in massachusetts said...

I tried it for my blog site as soon as you showed it to us at breadcrusts. Yours turned out nice and feng-shui. Did it ever stop growing -- or did it let you copy it mid-evolution?

About procrastinating on the resume... Maybe you're not ready to say goodbye to Maui just yet?

That job as Historic Gardens Manager at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville does look like a wonderful opportunity, though. And I think, too, that you're right that the North Carolina Arboretum is another great possibility for you.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I waited until it stopped before I followed Xris' instructions. What's the rush when you are procrastinating?

The thought of all the work involved in this transition is rather daunting.

"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that next year.

After all... 2007 is another year."

Xris said...

CC: Glad it worked for you!

What's the story about a possible spot at Biltmore Estates? That sounds intriguing ... It's not Hawaii, but the area around Asheville is beautiful. My folks live near there, and I've visited several times. The Blue Ridge parkway is nearby, as is the North Carolina Arboretum.

Annie in Austin said...

You mentioned the possibilities over at Pam's, and they do sound intriguing. At first I thought the Arboretum was the one that J CcRaulston led for so long, but that's in Raleigh. Good luck whether you try for a mansion or stay to farm on Tara.

Off to try Xris' game -


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Xris, I will be moving to Clyde, NC, 45 minutes west of Asheville next year at some point, enticed by an early inheritance of Land to call my own.

This means I will most likely give up this 20 years of self employment and have to get a real J O B. I have been checking out the area and opportunities on line and Biltmore Estate currently is seeking a Historic Gardens manager for the grounds directly around the house. It looks like a head gardener/catering coordinator position. The opening is too soon for me, but I have seen other good horticulture related jobs in the area.

I have a small nursery and gardens on someone elses land now and can't just leave it to them to deal with. Add in a house full of crap and two cats and procrastination comes naturally.

lisa said...

Heh...if procrastination is art, then you can call me "Monet"! Nothing wrong with taking your time when making such a big decision/move...or even when making small decisions. Heck, I manage to procrastinate just THINKING about what I should be doing, a.k.a. "putting off procrastinating"! If that ain't art, I don't know what is! You know what the Aussie's say..."She'll be jake, mate!" (It can wait til' later) Think I'll have another Foster's....