Saturday, July 29, 2006

The View from My Window

When I don't slouch and sit up straight this is the view from the window above my computer desk. A political blogger I frequent did a series called A View from My Window to get an idea of who his readers were and where they were from and to share that with all of his readers.

I sent three pictures. This was one of them and it was never posted on his blog. He did have some amazing photos from around the world and continues to post a few on occasion.

I planted everything you see in this picture when they were tiny little sprouts. There is a Travellars Palm; Ravenala madagascariensis, Manila Palm; Veitchia merrillii, the two trunks to the left, Heliconia bihai, the red flowers on both sides of the Travellars Palm, False oregano; Lippia micromera and Umbrella Sedge; Cyperus involucratus.

I also park my lawnmowers in a nook on the left side. I removed them for this shot since I was going for a world wide viewing audience. Maybe if I had left them there it might have been a kitschy enough still life that caught his interest in the hundreds submitted to be published.


christin m p in massachusetts said...

I've already been using one of your photographs of your Sunday morning view (from your Sunday Morning Meditation post) for the wallpaper on this computer for the past couple of weeks now, but I'm going to change it to the view from your window. Then I can see what you see when I'm at the computer:)

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I think I am going to try putting something new on for my Screensaver/Wallpaper too. I don't do that very much and will actually have to learn how to.

Annie in Austin said...

Thank you [and Zanthan] for "the view from the window" idea - I'm still going to take a wider photo from that window. Catching the bunting was just dumb luck - saw the bird and could get the camera before it flew away.